I LOVE ... DRIVING Drinks Bottle



The I LOVE ... DRIVING personalised drinks bottles are a stylish way of making sure you have a drink with you at the stables. They are also a fantastic way to become more environmentally friendly by reducing the number of plastic bottles that are thrown away.

The drinks bottle has a pony and trap on one side and wording and smaller pony and trap on the other side. You can personalise the bottle with your name so instead of reading 'I LOVE ... DRIVING' the wording reads 'KATIE LOVES ... DRIVING. The bottles are made out of high quality aluminium and have a pull out spout inside the drinking cap. They are also supplied with a stopper and a clip. The clip is really useful and fastens easily to belts or bags.

Two bottle sizes and finishes are available:
400ml or 600ml White
400ml or 600ml Sparkling Silver

In order to prolong the life of the personalised image on your drinks bottle we recommend handwashing only. Not suitable for dishwasher, microwave or cleaning with strong detergents or abrasives.

© Ruth Calladine 2009

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