Limited Edition Large Placemat - The Birthday Party

Made with any name


This personalised Limited Edition Birthday Party placemat was designed by Ruth especially for Little Folk's 16th Birthday. The large 23 x 32cm placemat features 14 of the Little Folk characters wearing party hats and celebrating around a birthday cake.

​​​​​​​You can personalise the placemat with your child's name or your own wording. For example, Martha's First Birthday, or Happy Birthday Martha, or Martha's place. 

The placemat has a limited edition of 50, and each mat will be numbered.

The characters featured on the mat are: Funguy the Little Dog, Target the Little Cat, Baa Baa the Little Sheep, Sparkle the Little Unicorn, Meow the Little Lion, Long Legs the Little Giraffe, Swing the Little Chimp, Squirt the Little Elephant, Twizzle the Little Pony, Whisper the Little Deer, Dash the Little Fox, Scrabble the Little Mouse, Peck the Little Hen and Slimer the Little Snail.

Size 23 x 32cm. Store flat. Wipe clean only. Hardboard with melamine coated top surface.

© Ruth Calladine

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    Little Folk
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