Personalised Creepy Crawlies Drawstring Bag

Made with any name


A stylish personalised children's lightweight Creepy Crawlies drawstring bag by Amelia Calladine. This bag features all of the favourite Creepy Crawlies, Fly the Little Fly, Buzz the Little Bee, Sting the Little Wasp, Slugie the Little Slug, Slimer the Little Snail and Wormy the Little Worm. The bag can be personalised with your child's name between the strips of sky and grass.

The Little Folk Creepy Crawlies bag makes a great practical but stylish birthday gift for boys and girls. Co-ordinates with the Creepy Crawlies drinks bottle.

The drawstring bags are perfect for taking to the swimming pool, the beach, the gym, a sleepover... and they'll never get lost at school!

Size: 38 x 42 cm.
Laundering instructions: we machine wash our bags at 30. We turn them inside out and then let them drip dry. We wouldn't recommend using soap powder containing bleaching agents or optical brighteners though because this will cause the colours to fade.

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